What is the secret behind customer satisfaction?

The truth is that keeping your customers happy 100% of the time is not easy. There are so many factors to take into consideration ranging from price to staff attitude and everything in between. Our Staff Name Badges help to raise your customers satisfaction.


Every business needs to have honesty and trust between themselves and their customers. Wearing our Staff Name Badges helps to create a rapport between the business and the client. A recent survey which was carried out across three countries Australia, New Zealand and the UK revealed that wearing a name badge as a part of the uniform can create a massive and quick difference in the customer/ client satisfaction levels. You know who you are dealing with 100% of the time.


Use name badges to build responsibility among your staff. The name badge allows your staff to be easily recognized and triggers a response from the employee who knows that both his/her positive or negative actions can be noticed. Staff are less likely to do something detrimental to your business if they can be easily identified. On a positive note, they may go out of their way to go above and beyond for your customers if their is a chance they will be rewarded or praised for it. Ease of identification helps with both of these.


We all know that name badges are a good marketing tool in all industries, regardless of small companies to multinational companies, they help to boost the recognition of your company by keeping your company name in front of your customers at all times. Customers will always know the name of your staff and your staff should make an effort to learn the names of their customers as well. This will help employees to understand the wants and needs of different customers on a more personal level because every customer is different.

We know that it is essential to maintain a good image as this reveals who you are as a company. Because of this we only use the highest quality materials and techniques. if you’re ready to order your high-quality name badges, name tags, staff name badges then simply order online now.

Mark Cuban

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