How Successful Staff Name Badges are for Raising Customer Satisfaction

A recent business study shows that staff name badges have raised customer / client satisfaction by 12 percent. There is no wonder why customer service experts say ‘What a difference a name makes’. A new research that was carried out across three countries shows that sporting a simple name badge as a part of the uniform can create a big and quick difference in the customer/ client satisfaction levels.

The study which was conducted by a mystery shopping and customer experience expert found that it was only when the wide range of businesses introduced staff name badges that there was an impressive12 percent increase in the customer / client satisfaction ratings than the others who did not introduce staff name badges to their business. Above all, this improvement happened almost overnight.

The figure was basically the outcome of the research of 116,000 mystery shopper reports that took place over the last eight years in Australia, New Zealand and UK. The study was carried out by independent research experts. It can now be rightly asserted that customers always prefer the customer service staff to sport name badges. In case there isn’t any particular uniform for the staff, wearing the name badges will help customers to distinguish between the staff and other customers. Most customers revealed that they are likely to trust staff who wear name badges. In fact, customers even admitted that they would prefer to establish a business relationship with some one who was familiar.

The result of the customer feedback was clear. It was evident that wearing a simple name badge can make a huge difference in the sales, thereby, boosting the business prospects. Now you know the importance of the name badges for your staff. Not only will you receive sales benefits, also earn a good name in the market.

This is an age when the competition is really tight and every business is trying its level best to carve a separate identity of its own. Name badges are indeed of big help when it comes to inducing healthy ways for business communications. Ensuring that your business staff are easily recognisable to others will definitely help in creating a warm and friendly, yet professional environment within your organisation.


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