Useful Tips for Name badges Layout

Designing the name badges Australia can be an important consideration for the companies in Brisbane. They have become popular not only as identification items but are used for marketing purposes as well. There are various considerations before placing the order for your name badges Brisbane. You will have to choose the badge style, its material and printing process that best fits your budget and needs. Badge size and fittings are other important considerations. This is just a brief list, the add on options just go on piling, so there is much to ponder before ordering for your choice of name badges Australia. When you are ready to place the order you should ask yourself some important questions, which are difficult to answer for the first time badge designers.


  • Where should the logo and employee names be placed?
  • What should be the ideal size of name badges Brisbane?
  • Which font type to opt for?
  • Which colors will best fit for your artwork and names?


If you are stuck at this point and feel totally confused then below are some tips that may show you the way. With the help of these tips you will be able to design amazing name badges Brisbane:


  • The artwork needs to be copied into a high quality type of file, such as the vector files. High resolution artwork will make it easier for the badges designer to arrange the artwork on the name badges. High resolution artwork will also give great looks to the finished name badges Brisbane.
  • Make sure that the printing colors and material colors will not clash together once the name badges are printed. Metallic background is not the best friend to texts as it reflects the light from overhead making it exceedingly difficult to read through the text.
  • If you want to design a busy and vibrant logo then you should strive to keep the background images and colors simple. Vice versa should be applied for busy and detailed varieties of name badges Brisbane. Make sure you choose a bold and easy to read font with contrasting colors for the name and designations. The text should be clearly seen from about 10 feet away and similar distance.
  • Next consideration is regarding the logo. Is your logo larger side or does it contain intricate details? Increase the height and width of the name badges to make sure there is no distortion or blurring of the logo. Often images get distorted or blurred when printed, so the layout should be clean and smooth.
  • If your artwork is circular or oval shaped you should be considering a rounded badge rather than a rectangular variety. The logo will look good on any oval or circular badge. There will be plenty of room left for printing the employee names and their designations.
  • Choose the color for the name badges in accordance to the theme color of the company. Reputed name badges Brisbane stores have all the color options available, settle for nothing less.


Name badges Brisbane have become integral parts of your corporate entity so make sure everything is just perfect before placing the order.


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