Magnetic Name Badges Australia: Ideal Way to Introduce Yourself

Implementation of magnetic name badges can provide skilled and styled look to your employees. This is a fact which has come up from a recent research. About 94% of the customers have agreed that they feel more safe, relaxed and confident when they find the staff wearing name badges. Customers are not afraid to carry transactions with a business, pay for a product or use credit cards when they feel safe. Whatever be the sector and type of business you run you would definitely require the magnetic name badges to take your organisation through the right course and help people recognise the company name. As per the human psychology, no one wants to carry out business with a nameless or faceless person. This is the feeling customers have when you do not use name badges. Magnetic name badges provide that name and face to the employees.


If we consider the magnetic name badges in their simplest form – they can be used to identify each employee by their names. Vital information such name, designation and at times contact numbers of the employees are printed on a small strip of steel material. This material can be stuck to the dress, attached with the aid of magnet. Magnets when attached to the name badges offer perfect fittings. There are two basic forms in which the magnetic name badges are designed – convenience and effectiveness/purpose. You can design the name badges but they should have a small metal bar at the back. The magnet placed in this bar will go behind the dress and clasp the name badge from behind. This clasp makes the magnetic name badges remain in the right place. There will be no holes or cuts in your clothes when you wear magnetic name badges.


Magnetic name badges when adopted as a part of costume code can carry several benefits such as:


  • You can easily identify each and every employee. They can be immensely useful in offices which are crowded by lots of employees and departments. Employees can be identified and related to their respective departments very easily with the use of magnetic name badges. Such identification items help in delegation and evaluation of various duties.


  • As magnetic name badges are attractive to look at, so they impress the clients. They provide satisfaction to the first time clients who are still on the guard. First time clients search for proof whether they have made the right choice or not. Employees wearing name badges will provide him/her with peace of mind that if there are any problems the employees handling their work can be quickly recognised. This will ease the tension.


  • Believe it or not magnetic name badges make employees look more styled. They feel an association with the company, they wear a name badge that makes them a part of the company and they will try to give in their best efforts.


Magnetic name badges are the premium quality name badges and they will last for a long time. They will not drop off or get defaced even in the face of regular wear and tear for many years. With the customisation options provided by reputed name badges stores you can include information such as sections, departments or designations in these identification items.


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