Magnetic Name Badges

The Power of an Employee Name Badge


According to name badge research, the company employees who use Name badges / ID tags are acknowledged as professional, friendly, gracious and also gives your company a unified identity. Employees will be happy if they feel they’re a part of your company, a valued member of your corporate family when…

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School Badges Online at Inexpensive Rates – Name Badges International

Name Badges International offers highly durable School Bars & School Badges at very affordable prices available all over Australia. These different types of school badges are made of Acrylic and Metal. These badges are Eye-catching, Durable, High quality, Contemporary and light to wear. Available in different sizes, styles & colours…

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Looking for school badges?

Name badges International is very proud to supply school badges to many schools and other educational institutes in Australia and Internationally. Our badges help you to identify your students and staff without compromising on style. The school badges can be displayed with not only student’s name they can also reflect…

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Name Badges International Introduces High-Quality Metal Name Badges in Australia

Name Badges International offers Highly Durable Metal Name Badges at a very affordable price, available all over Australia. We offer attractive deals and packages on metal name badges to ensure your organisation is recognised exactly how you want it, with the minimum cost. Our Range of Small Metal Badge :…

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How about Metal Name Badges?

Executive name badge

The reason to chose a metal is a material that is typically hard, shiny and much more durable. It is impact resistant and copious secure because unless force is wield, it does not shatter. So, who require a more durable, high quality, classic name badge should choose our Metal name…

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Magnetic Name Badges Australia: Ideal Way to Introduce Yourself

Implementation of magnetic name badges can provide skilled and styled look to your employees. This is a fact which has come up from a recent research. About 94% of the customers have agreed that they feel more safe, relaxed and confident when they find the staff wearing name badges. Customers…

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Use Magnetic Name badges Australia for their Durability

In the last few years the popularity of the magnetic name badges Australia has improved significantly. Their popularity is largely due to their durability. Business owners prefer these products as they last for a long time, they are effective and practical too. The magnetic name badges are much stronger then…

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How Does Corporate name badges Help Make Employees Marketable

  Corporate name badges are immensely useful for professionals who want their name and designation to be seen even when they are travelling. Latest designs of name badges are so attractive that they can be worn anytime. There are many varieties of name tags and badges available in the market…

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What are the Benefits of Using Magnetic Name Badges Australia

  Name tags and badges have been a part of the businesses that depend heavily on customer services. The name badges Australia are used in every service sector. With the use of the name tags and badges the consumers can be assured that they are talking and communicating with an…

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