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Name Badges International offers highly durable School Bars & School Badges at very affordable prices available all over Australia. These different types of school badges are made of Acrylic and Metal. These badges are Eye-catching, Durable, High quality, Contemporary and light to wear. Available in different sizes, styles & colours of your choice.

Standard School Badge:

Standard school badges are a simple badge designed to suit your school colours and uniform. The standard range is our most basic range of school badges available.

School Badge with Border:

The school badge with border is the most popular choice for most schools. These School Badges with Border are designed to match your school colours and uniform with two background colours.

School Badge without Border:

It is an alternative for our Standard School Badge but a larger size. You can design the school badges easily by adding text, background and foreground colours etc.

School Badge with Year:

School Badge with Year is a larger rectangular school badge with plenty of room and also with a year panel in it. With two background colours to customise, you can have more variations on your school badge design.

School Badge Plus:

This badge is alternative of School Badge with Border. With two background colours to customise, you can have more variations on your school badge design.

Shield Name Badge:

Shield Badge gives a different feel from the rectangular school badges and it symbolises a prestigious image. Metallic printed text and available in a range of customisable background colours enhance the prestigious look of your school badge.

Oval School Badge:

The Oval School Badges will give you more options that complement your school uniform. Its oval shaped design allows more colour combinations to be displayed on the badge. A Suitable choice for house & captain badges.

Tile School Badge:

The Tile School Badge is a compact rectangle badge best suited for short text. Its stylish design gives a more classic look to your badge.

SB10 School Badge:

The SB10 School Badge is designed with an elegant border around the badge, very suitable to represent a prestigious image and leadership students. Click below to design & order your SB10 badge online!

Acrylic Name Badge:

The Acrylic School Badge is of great alternative for metal school badges. While it still preserves the look of a traditional metal school badge, It is designed to withstand the rugged test in a school environment.

Name Badges International will help your school or educational organisation to resolve name badge problems quickly and easily at a competitive price as per your badge requirements! Also, we design and manufacture custom school badges, school bars. Call our expert staff on 02 8003 5046 to get a quote and discuss your specific requirements.

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