Artwork guidelines

Work Art Requirements and guidelines for submitting your artwork and everything else involved with artwork in our ordering processes.

We understand that the preparation of the design process can be often technical and sometimes even frustrating. To make this process nice and smooth for everyone, please read carefully the following instructions.

Art file formats accepted

We can accept logos and badge designs in almost any format, but if the badge has been designed using a vector based program it is always best to prevent rasterising the design. As such, our preferred file formats are listed below:

What type of image format can you upload onto your badge when designing a badge on-line? .png 1 MB max (recommended ) .gif - 1 MB max .jpg 1 MB max .jpeg 1 MB max

In addition, You can upload a HIGH QUALITY ARTWORK in your Account in My file section (please remember to mention it as a comment while placing your order). .pdf .ai (recommended) .eps .cdr

Please note:

Name Badges International offer a complimentary design fee and 1st revision for any artwork suppied with Quotes or Orders. Any further revision requested after the 1st revision will, at the customers approval, incurr a minimum design fee of $88AUD (Incl GST) per hour.

If your artwork/logo requires clean-up/conversion or further enhancement then Name Badges International will, at the customers approval, charge a design fee of $88AUD (Incl GST) per hour. The time frame of delivery might increase depending on the work required to finalise the artwork prior to production.

Name list

To supply a list of names from Microsoft Excel, to ensure that your data is laid out in the correct format please use our name list template downloadable here:
Name badges BrochureClick to download the template for multiple Name and title list.
You can then upload this list with your design or submit this template in your account file as mentioned above.

Please Note:

When you place your order online, please remember to update the quantity in the shopping cart according to the amount of name/s in the XLS uploaded.


We have a vast library of thousands of fonts on our system. But you might want to check with us when submitting your order if your design uses a rare or obscure font. If it is not subject to any licensing then why not attach the font with your artwork and we will add it to our collection.
If you supply us with a particular font and point size we can replicate this. however, make sure that when you design your own badge it is created actual size (within our cut line templates); otherwise point sizes will be meaningless.

Colours / Colour Matching

At Name Badges International, we are able to design your product from a variety of methods. When specifying a colour, we can accept any of the following:
CMYK (recommended), Pantone® colours, RGB, HEX. We print only in CMYK, therefore all other colours need to be converted to CMYK for digital printing. If you supply us with a colour that is not in CMYK format we will try to match as closely as possible, however we do not guarantee colour matching. **Please note** The most accurate way to get a CMYK conversion of a PMS colour is by using a PMS colour conversion book. Online conversion sites are not accurate. Please also note, not all PMS colours have a CMYK conversion.

We take pride in our flexibility and are able to produce exceptional quality product from almost any image.

The quicker you supply us with your documents in the right format the faster we can deliver your order.


All the listed information can be add and uploaded during the order process when you order online.
Simply create an account (click here) and order your product.
If you need to upload more file than during the order process, you can easily upload your file in your account.
Once you've created an account, log in and go to "My Files" - the Yellow Icon file) and upload your text files or your logo and let us know.

Responsibility and content liability - Supply of Information:

Name Badges International website allow you to order online and upload any content required for your final product. Uploading logos and name list etc... to Name Badges International website is performed entirely at your own discretion and will be entirely your responsibility for any possible spelling mistake or incorrect information supplied. Name Badges International is committed to a high quality standard, therefore, we strongly suggest you to validate all your content information before confirming your order online: name spelling, office addresses and any other important content.
In the absence of any explicit statement to the contrary, the name list uploaded with your order will be printed as is.